Becoming a Member of WSSC

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Club's Safety Course

Once you have taken the P.A.L. course and are in possession of a valid restricted Firearms Licence, you can take the WSSC Club Safety Course. This course is taught under the auspices of The Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Trained instructor will teach you the safety aspects of firearm handling. The CSSA safety course is been adapted to our particular handgun club. It involves a half-day of classroom instruction, hands on component, a written test and live firing on the range. The cost of the course is $200 + HST. The course is offered once a month, check the calendar for available dates.

Click here to fill the application form online. You also will be able to pay for the safety course online and select the date that you prefer. Please note, if you choose to pay for the safety course online ta small Convenience Fee will apply. To avoid the Convenience Fee you can come by the club during the open hours, fill the application form and pay for the safety course in person by cash or cheque.



Upon successful completion of the WSSC Safety Course and test you become a “probationary member”. This allows you to come to the club during regular hours and shoot.

  • Probationary members must notify the director on desk duty upon
    their arrival at the club

  • Probationary name badge must worn at all times at the Club

  • Director on desk duty will record in the probationary
    log each time probationary members visit and shoot at the club


Remember if you have ANY questions ASK! Never assume or guess when it comes to firearms. You will find that all our members are eager to help out a new shooter, especially answering questions about guns or tips on how to shoot more accurately.

good scoring target

A minimum of six shooting sessions and
13 scoring targets.

Probationary members must demonstrate with a 22 handgun that he/she can shoot 10 targets with all shots in the scoring ring. After (10) 22 targets are completed, the probationary member, while supervised, must demonstrate that he/she can shoot ten centre fire rounds into three different targets, (10) shots in succession, keeping all shots on the paper and has put in six shooting nights. Having done so, the director will sign his /her paper work accordingly.

Probationary members may continue to shoot centre fire for the duration of their probationary period. Their names will be presented to the Board Directors at the next meeting and if supported they will receive their full membership privileges.

missed scoring target

Less then 6 shooting sessions
and/or no scoring targets in 3 month.

You must show your targets to the director on desk duty to be recorded in the probation book.

If a longer probation period is needed, that will not be a problem. During this time you will get to meet other members and they will get to meet you. Also during this time the directors will be able to observe you to see if you are a safe and responsible shooter. When you come to the club to shoot there will be firearms made available for you to use. There is no charge for this.

If you are a probationary member and have not shot in six months you are required to retake the safety course (at no addition fee). If during a full year you are unable to fulfill these requirements and made a payment for membership from the date you have taking the safety course, your application for membership will be denied.

Your membership dues are payable at the completion of your probationary period and your acceptance into the club. Unfortunately we cannot accord your club privileges until this is paid.

Your membership dues are payable at the completion of your probationary period and your acceptance into the club. Unfortunately we cannot accord you club privileges until this is paid.



Once the probation requirements are met, your application will be taken to the next monthly directors’ meeting, at which time the directors, if satisfied you are a safe and responsible shooter, will vote you in as a full member.



Once you are voted in you will have full member privileges. The 2019 single membership fee is $300.00, HST included. Family membership varies on the number of members per household at the club. This includes a membership to Canadian Shooting Sports Association. The CSSA includes with its membership $5,000,000.00 liability insurance at shooting events.

The junior member will not be required to pay a membership fee until their 18th birthday. Juniors must have taken the Club Safety Course. Juniors are subjected to the cost of applicable insurance, currently set at $27.

Current safety and membership contacts

Brenda (safety)
Ross (membership)


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The Authorization to Transport (LTATT) has become a condition of a license for certain routine and lawful activities

As of September 02, 2015, individuals with restricted or prohibited firearms may be eligible to have conditions attached to a firearms license for certain routine and lawful transportation purposes.

If before September 02 2015 you were in possession of a current PAL for restricted/non-restricted firearms, a current LTATT and were in possession and the owner of said firearms, the 6 conditions would have be automatically migrated to your records. The LTATT paperwork will no longer be needed.

If before September 02 2015 you were in possession of a current PAL for restricted/non-restricted firearms, but did not have an LTATT and were in possession of said firearms you need to contact CFO. They can be reached at 1.800.731.4000. Ext 7503 and request to have the new conditions applied.

After September 03 2015 if you have a PAL for restricted/non-restricted firearms but did not possess any restricted firearms said conditions would not be applied till such time that you  purchase of aforementioned firearms is affected.

It is important to familiarize yourselves with all the details and content of this new legislature. Bill C-42 has significantly change the landscape by which CFO conduct their business. ‘google’ online Canadian Firearms Program or contact


Did you know?

The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) now offers an Online Licence Renewal Application which can be accessed here on the RCMP website.

It’s easy, fast and a secure way to renew your firearms licence. If your firearms licence is about to expire, renew it online today.